Security Central Management System

Central management security systems for buildings, facilities, sites and smart cities. Customised to your requirements.

Imagine one central point to manage all your site security. From CCTV and Access control, right through to Parking, Fire control and even in energy consumption in some cases. With the use of powerful A.I to analyse and make sure facilities are security and safe, operating at the very best efficiency.

We have designed, supplied and installed central management systems to support the security and facility management for our clients in broad sectors ranging from Retail, education, Council to high security complexes. In some cases across entire city networks adding important infrastructure to smart cities.

No matter the size of the system or the diversity of your requirements we can offer a fully scalable and customisable system that can bring all of your City, building, facility or site management utilities together in one place.

Offering the ability to easily set user access levels and passwords, allowing you to control the flow of information and control to the right people.
We have seen time and again that different levels of access and control within a system is required for individuals, or groups depending on their role and responsibilities and we can provide a solution that means you can rest assured everyone has the right access and information required for their role.

A simple to use and dynamic VMS (video management system) allowing live viewing and playback of all cameras across all connected cameras!

Access control management that gives you the ability to control biometric systems, fob/card readers and pin entry/exit as well as ANPR all in one place. Whatever system you have you will be able to monitor and manage entry/exit quickly and easily, safe in the knowledge that all the systems are correct and up to date.

An alarm control center that provides arming control for alarms, and allows you to enable/disable alarm triggered events.

The system also ensures the ability to feed back data, with detailed reports of the monitored area allowing users access to make important decisions in safety and efficiency.

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