At what price cheap CCTV?

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Over the past 2 yrs a CCTV manufacturer has increased its market share of cheap CCTV phenomenally and is set to take over the British CCTV Market.

With excellent products and a price that is less that half of all the previous generation CCTV equipment what’s not to like?    It would seem that this upstart, HIKvision is following in the footsteps of the likes of Aldi and Lidl.  Through a combination of high quality and low prices HIKvision are set to  achieve market domination, leaving other manufactures flailing about in their wake.

HIKVision is a Chinese state owned company.  More than a million of these CCTV systems have already been installed in sites across the UK.  Many are installed in sensitive  areas such as Government buildings, airports, stadiums and the London underground.   The rest are in a variety of commercial and industrial premises and some homes.  At this rate and it wont be long before HIKVision is the number one system in the UK.

These systems can be connected to the Internet with the images transmitted and viewed anywhere in the world.   All seems very convenient in the wrong hands.   China has a history of cyber espionage, so it would seem prudent to exercise caution when installing these cheap CCTV systems.

Perhaps the question needs to be asked:-

At what price cheap CCTV?

Cheap CCTV does not need to come at a price. Here at APTEK we are well aware of  the security issues involved in simply transmitting potentially commercially sensitive images out to the world.   Instead of uploading images to the cloud based system suggested by HIKvision, we send the images through the client’s password protected closed system Internet router.   From there we set mobile networks using a variety of passwords to view the images.

Can we have cheap CCTV and maintain security?

APTEK value privacy and security really is what our business is all about.   So in order to keep prying eyes out, we have adopted a number of measures including hard wiring and encryption techniques.   Yes to cheap CCTV.  Yes to real security.

To listen to a radio 2 discussion about the issue click this link  BBC Radio 2 discussion.