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Solve electronic problem

Find out what happened when a recent customer with budget constraints was faced with the challenge of kicking new life into an older system.


APTEK has managed to save a large establishment from the disruption and expense of a complete new CCTV system.


Rob continues: Following the breakdown of a keyboard which gives access to our CCTV operating system, we were advised that the part was obsolete and that there was no other option other than to replace the entire CCTV System at a cost well exceeding our annual security budget. We were in quite a dilemma as it is imperative that our CCTV is fully operational at all times, yet we simply did not have the budget for a complete new system.


We had heard about APTEK from another establishment in our group and feeling like we didn’t have a lot to lose we decided to call them in and see if they had any solution to offer.


Andy and Garth set to work scouring the country for a part that would do the job. To our immense relief they located a brand new keyboard and assured us that with a few tweaks they would be able to get our system up and running again.In my mind when I placed the order with them I was doubtful that they really could deliver, but facing a six-figure refurbish bill I felt that it was a comparatively small risk.


Well they delivered and how! These guys just never give up. They went out of their way to find a keyboard, which Garth reprogrammed to perfectly fit our system. It didn’t take long before everything was set up and working perfectly. I am so glad we found APTEK and will never doubt them again


Andy said, “It is just so satisfying solving a problem that others have given up on. All too often engineers don’t have the background knowledge, time or persistence to solve extraordinary problems.” We love a challenge and saving our client such a huge amount is a massive bonus for us.