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Fire Systems

Regardless of the size of your business or organisation the threat of fire is something that we all need to safeguard ourselves from. We can work with you to ensure that you get not just the best but the right customisable fire detection system for you. Protecting lives and property, ensuring you meet all required regulations and giving you peace of mind.


All business premises must have an appropriate fire detection system in place according to current UK regulations. In short this means that a fire can easily be detected and people within the building can easily be warned.


There are three main types of traditional fire alarm system; Conventional, a system made up of sensors that will sound an alarm if triggered and highlight the zone that the triggered device is in; addressable, a system similar to a conventional system that allows you to pinpoint the location of the detector that has been triggered and wireless, a system that is in essence the same as an analogue addressable system but with the advantage of no wires linking between the detectors and the sounders. Which of these systems is chosen will depend on what is appropriate for your business.


Commercial fire alarm systems can combine a wide range of smoke, heat and fire/flame detection devices, all of which can play a valuable role in ensuring you have a robust system capable of meeting your needs, and advancing technology means that you can know interlink detectors that can detect smoke, heat or specific types of gases/fumes given off by fire with other detectors that can actually detect a flame and even to CCTV units that can either be used to detect heat or flames or can be triggered to give a user a live view of an area when a detector is triggered. Allowing you to have not only a system that can warn you early but one that means you can assess the risk immediately even if you are not near the source.


Smoke control systems
A key part of many fire systems is smoke control. Our team with years of experience offer service and maintenance on components of smoke ventilation systems, including dampers vents and controller units.

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