Facial Recognition CCTV and Software

CCTV Facial detection technology

Facial Recognition CCTV cameras and software.

The powerful advancing technology in CCTV promises lots of benefits but there is debate over it’s ethical use.
However, could it provide the answer to the safety of your loved ones, the general public and yourself?

What is Facial Recognition and what is it used for?

Is it an invasion of privacy?

How good is it really?

These are some questions that are often asked when discussing the topic of facial recognition so let’s try and answer them and address some of the potential applications of this rapidly developing technology.
I remember as a small child, being in a large market place with my parents. We had been walking around for quite a while and I got distracted by a Brussel sprout (in the way that only a child would be). I started to slowly peel off leaf after leaf as I shuffled along behind my parents.
As the Brussel sprout became so small that it was difficult to peel any further, I looked up and realised that I could no longer see my parents and was lost and alone in a crowd of people.
I remember rushing about looking for either parent until finally, I stood still and began to cry, Eventually, I was approached by a friendly stranger who, after asking me what was wrong took me to the security office. Security personnel were able to send out messages via radio and the PA system until my parents (who were frantically looking for me) were found and we were re-united.
Fast forward to the present day and imagine it’s you in a crowded place with a young family member and they go missing!
Imagine security being able to scan through thousands of images to locate your loved one in seconds. Imagine being able to monitor their safety until you are reunited, no wondering what has happened to them, no hoping that the stranger that has approached them is friendly.
Just the use of facial recognition software to quickly find and follow you loved one.


Is it an invasion of privacy?

It is at the forefront of responsible face recognition supplier and user’s minds to ensure that the data and privacy concerns of the public are met and satisfied, The regular purging of databases and assurance of total anonymity (no name or identity being linked to facial images captured) go a long way towards these goals.

How good is it really?

Surprisingly accurate, to the point where it can recognise faces even when disguised with facial hair, hats or sunglasses.
In live use It can quickly scan through images from multiple cameras and locate an individual in a large crowded place based on just one supplied image. There are endless scenarios where this can be used to protect the public and loved ones.