APTEK Security

Security and analytics with high quality camera systems

security central management system

External, Internal doors and barriers with a variety of token types


State of the art security hardware producing actionable data

Fire Alarm

Providing all aspects of fire safety systems

Smart industry

Bespoke solutions in security and facility managment

Thermal Camera

CCTV systems in the fight against Covid-19

Automated Barriers and Gates

Since 1994 we have been installing and maintaining a range of gates and barriers throughout many industries so no matter your requirements we will have the system for you.


Bollards are often used to block vehicle access to pedestrianised areas where access may occasionally be required by emergency services, goods delivery or traders. We can offer a range of bollards to meet any need from fold down or removable options that are manually moved in and out of position to telescopic/retractable posts that can be fully automated and controlled locally or remotely or even timer controlled.


Arm barriers are a great way to deter or prevent entry/exit. Commonly seen in use at carparks they offer a simple and recognisable solution that can be automated in a number of ways.
The simplicity of the design and the ability to link them to a variety of third party components meaning that entry/exit can be granted to set users by fobs, cards, biometric readers or even ANPR. It can be ‘free’ meaning that anyone can pass with the barrier opening when a vehicle is detected, again this could be done in a number of ways including ground loops, pressure sensors or CCTV. Or a number of options can be linked together to offer systems like those often used in pay on exit carparks.
High Security options also available and can offer ram proof protection even if hit by a moving vehicle.


Ingress and Egress Gates offer a functional and secure solution to protecting all kinds of property, from driveways to depots and yards, farms and many more.
Swing gates can be single or more commonly bi-fold, motors can be either mounted or buried depending on the type of gate being fitted with the four main type of swing gates being, Ornamental automatic swing gates, Balustrade gates Palisade gates and Welded mesh gates. Swing gate are a great option for organizations wanting their gates to be aesthetically pleasing as well as functional such as manor homes and parks and there are many high security options available.
Sliding gates are generally a lot harder to open by force and the generally look a lot more secure than swing gates. They do however come in some aesthetically pleasing designs so can be used across all industries and sectors and even for domestic use.



There are three different types of gates that can be put in the sliding gate category, cantilever sliding gates, traditional sliding gates and telescopic sliding gates.

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