COVID-secure buildings


Using latest technology in access control to help make staff and visitors safe in public and business spaces

As part of the UK government guidelines published in May 2020 we offer some solutions using access control systems to help company buildings become COVID-secure.

Link to government guidance – Working safely during Covid


  1. Where Access control can help Contactless entry & exit door access  –  Non contact entry and exit points to help stop the spread of germs. We offer a range of non-contact options with our system including, fobs, phone app authorisation and long range access.
  2. Flexible access permissions for staff and visitors  –  Using the access control software’s flexibly to limit access to high traffic areas and implement one-way routes of movement to prevent crossover and cross-contamination.   A step to meet social distancing guidelines.
  3. Occupancy management  – Our systems offer alerts to site managers and dynamic control over the buildings access, thus helping manage how many people are in the building or specific areas. This offers powerful insight and control of people numbers to help meet social distancing guidelines.  Visual aids such as traffic lights and one in, one out systems can be added to help staff and visitors manage occupancy in specific areas.
  4. Thermal scanning  – Thermal cameras can be added as an extra to support health and wellbeing in high security areas and identify people that could be at risk quickly.

Please feel free to get in touch about how we can help with your businesses premises needs and build a system specifically for your needs.