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With the almost daily advances in technology CCTV is changing. No longer is CCTV installer in Hull, APTEK, using it just as the utilitarian product of the past only for security and stop loss prevention.
Industries requirements are changing and the capabilities of CCTV, the suppliers, installers and the technology it is connected to is adapting to meet these requirements.


Thermal requirements
You can help keep employees, customers or visitors safe by scanning body temperature at entry/exit points or other key points around your site. Imagine being knowing that everyone throughout your site is healthy without having to line people up and having to point thermometers at them.


Flame detection is a useful tool that we are seeing used more and more across a range of industries, from large agricultural sites wanting to scan vast areas, to councils wanting to monitor city centres and small local business wanting to monitor just a single warehouse. This technology is powerful enough to identify a small flame from a match over a large area and could provide a powerful addition to your fire alarm/detection system.


Intruder/foreign object detection
When it comes to helping protect your site CCTV now offers so much more than just a simple monitoring system. It can be used to detect permitter breaches or unauthorised access into specified areas, helping keep your site safe and secure both day and night and alerting you in a number of possible ways of any breach in security. This type of system could even be linked with other types of intruder systems, linking them together and making a complete robust system.
Object detection can be used for a variety of different applications. It can scan areas and detect objects that are out of place and raise an alarm if required; imagine a bus station, someone has been sat on a bench waiting for a bus and when it arrives, they forget to pick up the bag they had with them. We can create systems that could detect that the bag has been left.
Do you need to monitor products in a warehouse, making sure that they are not removed or do not fall over? Systems can be created that will detect if these types of things happen and alert through the correct routes. Helping to ensure that your products remain safe and undamaged.

The development and constant improvement of ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) is leading to CCTV being used in new and exciting ways. Probably the most recognisable of which at the moment is parking applications. Weather you want to allow access to only specific vehicles, or you want to allow access to all and use the number plate for recognition in a payment scheme.
These cameras can also be used to assist with the monitoring of traffic flow, check make and models of vehicles, they could be used as part of an in/out monitoring system within a company, and many other applications.


Data Analysis
The combination of CCTV and Artificial Intelligence is opening up a new world of data collection and analysis, changing the way business look at themselves and highlighting potential weaknesses, strengths and areas for development and growth in never before possible ways.
People counting cameras can be used to monitor the number of people in an out of buildings.
Cameras can be used to monitor areas like shop floors and highlight areas of large and small foot fall or areas people congregate.
Cameras can be used across cities or regions to assist with transport statistics highlighting areas and times of heavy or light traffic, the types of traffic in certain areas and the flow of the traffic from/to specified points.

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