Bespoke Solutions

We love a challenge, and will find a solution to a huge range of problems. Problems we have been presented with and resolved are:-

• Monitoring that trout breeding stocks in waterways on a farm are having the correct amount of air, water flow and levels from the hatchery onwards.

• Detecting the microscopic very beginnings of a fire in a silo long before any smoke/fire is visible

• Protecting farm and industrial machinery from being tampered with when nobody is around.

• Detecting a water leak in an area you can’t even see.

• Protecting a building from being knocked over by a truck.

• Monitoring the movement of personnel to allow the payroll to be exact when everyone is on flexi time in order to know the moment they enter the premises, long before they log onto their computer.

• Tracing an exact description of a customer/event quickly and easily - find out exactly when the lady wearing a red jacket left the shop when there were thousands of customers that day.

• Fix an alarm fault remotely in seconds.