Access Control

Our access control systems are designed to protect you and your premises even when the alarm is not set, giving you peace of mind from unauthorised entry.

Remote Authorisation –
Control of one or multiple doors from one area at your fingertips. Our systems can give you the ability to see and even communicate to individuals requesting access through as door or gate. We can even give you the ability to do this remotely so you can have peace of mind wherever you are. We can design systems for use across all areas from apartment buildings to office blocks or secure compounds.

ID Authorisation –
Control the access around your office, building, carpark, building site or even city, regardless of the size or spread of your business access control can be secure and simple.
From a simple fob or chip that can identify a user to more advanced systems like fingerprint, number plate and even facial recognition there are a number of solutions that can stand alone or be used into conjunction to offer

Multilevel Access –
Want everyone to have access to some areas but only select people to have access to others? Or maybe you want to restrict the time that people can gain access. It doesn’t matter if you are using a fob system, biometric readers or ANPR you can set specific levels for individual users. For example Level 1 users may have access to all areas at all times but Level 3 users only have access to designated areas between the hours of 09:00 and 17:00.

Unauthorised Access –
While it is important to make sure that the right people have access to the right areas, it can be just as important to make sure that areas are secure against the wrong people. Intruder alarms have been around for many years and are brilliant for letting people know if access has been gained to a secure premise, for example a thief breaking into a house. The use of up to date technology can now go even further and assist with detection and alerting of unauthorised access even if these areas are not secure at the time.
Thermal imagery can be used to detect high temperatures in people, helping to detect individuals who may be unwell and raising an alarm or blocking access.
Facial recognition can be used to identify known individuals when they enter areas from which they are prohibited, for example a known trouble maker who is banned from a football stadium could be identified as they try to gain access.